Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feeling Good

Yesterday was a great day! Phil has been sick so much in the last couple of weeks. He has had so many stomach problems and they just will not go away. He has had every test done that you could do or at least that we know about and they can't figure out what is going on. He and I both really feel like its his gallbladder but every test has come back normal. His mother and sister both had/have stomach problems so we feel like his is right in line with theirs. He goes and sees the dr on Sept 6th so I hope and PRAY that we can convince the dr to just go ahead and take the gallbladder out!! I think this would solve so many of his problems. A couple of years ago we found out that he was allergic to garlic so we try to stay away from anything that has garlic in it but that seems to not matter anymore. It doesn't matter what he eats he gets sick. I said all of this to say that he actually felt some better yesterday. The day started off rough for him but by the time I got home from work he was better. He grilled some wonderful chicken last night for supper and then he and Rae went fishing while I walked. Rae doesn't quite understand that fish don't always bite when you throw the hook in the water!

But I did get my walk/jog in last night. It was the perfect weather to do it  and I walked 1.56 in 30 minutes. I know thats not a very fast time but it is very comfortable for me. I started doing the C25K last night, well I did a modified version of it. I believe their were two times that it told me to run that I walked. But I was still very proud of myself. My goal is to do this at least three - four times a week and just progress the way that I can. But I have got to get some new tennis shoes! Mine are about 5 years old and are worn out. I've been doing some research on shoes and trying to find the right ones. So hopefully we can do that soon. But I will not let that stop my from the C25K. I believe that once I get used to jogging that it will be something that I enjoy. Great tunes, great weather, great feeling!


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