Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Promises--Kept and unkept

Last year I made myself a promise that if I had lost enough weight by softball season that I would play this year. Our church has a ladies softball team and has for years amd for about the past 5 or 6 years Phil has coached the team.  Last year when they started playing I would go walk at the park. I had just enough time to walk the long path at the park and get back to the ball fields before they finished the game. Raeanna kept asking me why I didn't play with them and I always wished that I could. I LOVED to play when I was younger but it had been 24 years since I had played any kind of sport. So I kept working on losing the weight and kept on walking as much as I could and I am very very very excited to say that I am actually playing softball this year with the ladies from Belden Baptist Church. I 'm not very good but at least I am out there trying. I have either been playing right field or catcher and if I could learn to run I might even be called a half way good player. I'm having fun, spending time with some wonderful ladies and getting to hang out with my husband. AND as of this moment we are undefeated! I may not have lost any more weight but I can tell that my body is changing shapes and I owe it all to walking and softball. I actually kept this promise.

Now to the unkept promise. I have talked and talked and talked about wanting to do the GumTree walk/run this year but seeing how it is next weekend it's not gonna happen. I honestly don't  think that there is anyway possible that I could walk/run 6.2 miles. I took to much of a break between Dec and March in walking and no more weight has come off. Plus it just scares me to think about having to run/walk that much. I have several friends that will be doing it and I am very proud of them and I wish them all the luck in the world. Hopefully next year I will be out there with you.