Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 Pounds

2 pounds might not sound like a lot of weight to lose but after an almost 2 month stall I was EXTREMELY happy to see the numbers on the scale go down by 2 pounds.  I am convinced that walking this what is helping me lose. When it started getting colder here I started walking indoors at the outlet mall. It's really close to work and never busy so its a great place to walk. Then things started getting busy at work and in life so the walking totally stopped in December. I would ride my excerise bike at the house but its just not the same.  You tend to not work so hard on the bike when you are watching tv. But the last week or so we have had some really nice weather so I have been hitting the park and walking outside. Its one of the things that I have really started enjoying on the weight lose journey, especially when Brady or Rae walks with me. We always have a really good time.   But needless to say I am VERY VERY happy with this 2 pound lose.