Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Monopoly Madness


Aunt Sybil gave us an Elvis Monopoly for Phil's birthday in March. We finally broke it out tonight and played a round of Monopoly. Phil and the kids are related to Elvis on Phil's mothers side and Rae loves to see pictures of Elvis when we go out. She loves to say, "There's our cousin, Elvis with the pelvis"  Now the Willis' have a competitive streak in them.  None of them like to lose and I mean NONE of them. Games are always interesting around here.
Can you guess who is which piece?

Rae is trying to make a deal with Brady for some of his property.

Rae was the first to get "Tupelos" on her propety.
 The houses in Elvis Monopoly are called Tupelo's and the hotels are called Gracelands.

Brady said no to the deal and she was sad.

But then she added more house to her property.

I thought I would visit Phil in jail so that he wouldn't be so lonely.

Once again Rae is trying to make a deal with Brady. He never went for her deal. He always wanted more money.  Just like a man.

 Look what Rae upgraded her Tupelos to.... Gracelands!
And looked who landed on it first---me!

But then Phil decided to join me.

She was doing good until she landed on one of Phil's properties and it cost her almost all of her money.

Then Brady poor Brady landed on one of Phil's properties. He just had to give him everything that he had. I guess he should have taken Rae's deal earlier. He would of had more money in his account.


Phil was declared the winner.

Of course he did have the most expensive property on the board.  I think he cheated somehow.


Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Last week we had VBS at Belden Baptist. We were in Nazareth.  This is the third year that we have done this series of VBS and it is wonderful! This series is more interactive than what we used to do and the kids seem to like it alot better. All the workers dress up in costumes from the time that we are in and the crafts that we do are from that time period. This year the crafts were:

Olive Oil Shop They made salt scrub.

Farmers Field. They planted grass seeds,

Bead Shop. The made bead necklaces.

Synagogue School.  They made tithe boxes.

Wool Shop. They made soap.

Food Shop complete with dried crickets and worms.
Rock Quarry. They imprinted rocks.

Carpenter Shop. They made tile coasters.

Me, Phil and Tina Shelton were in the carpenter shop. It seemed to be a popular shop. They whole market place was really good this year.  One of the biggest thrills this year was the food shop. They always try to have some sort of food from the time period that we are in. This year in was dried crickets and worms. They seemed to be a very popular treat among the kids and workers. We would be in our tent and could hear the chants of the kids encouraging the other kids to try one of the treats. While Brady wouldn't even think about eating one Rae did try the cricket.

Before cricket

Chewin it up

The reaction

I think she liked it

What have I done????
Needless to say the first thing she did was find a glass of water. I don't think I could talk her into doing that again.

One of the things that we do during VBS is have an offering challenge between the boys and girls. The money that we raise during the week goes toward Operation Christmas Child. This year the total amount raised was over $1200.00 !!! Isn't that awesome?! But the girls lost so Ms Teresa had to take a pie in the face. But just at the last second the tax collector for the week decided to take the pie for her. All she had to do was ask.  Bro. Jim, Teresa and Mr. Bob (tax collector) tried to show the kids that Jesus would take your punishment for you and all you have to do is ask him.  It was a really good example to use for the kids, some that never come to church.  I think the most kids we had was 160.  That is just awesome. We had a total of 4 saved this week. That makes the week of VBS all worth it.

Sweet Jennifer was Mary this week.

Brady during the closing service.

Getting ready to make a tithe box.

Getting ready to make a tile coaster.

Adam went with us this week. It was great to have him along for the ride.
Thursday was parents night at VBS. All the parents come to see what we have been doing this week. Phil and I had to stay in our tent to show what we did and since Brady and Adam were in the same group, Bob and Barbara walked around with them. Emily walked around with Rae and saw what she did this week. I don't know how but Rae talked Emily into eating a cricket. I wish I had a picture but I didn't get to see this. I only heard about it.
This has been a great week at VBS. It just gets better and better every year.  Maybe next year you could join us.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bay Springs

Saturday Phil, Brady, Rae and I loaded up and went to Bay Springs with Barbara, Bob, Emily and Adam. I haven't been to Bay Springs since I was at Northeast Junior College in 89 & 90. It's such a shame too because it is such a pretty place and is only 45 minutes away. The kids have begged all summer to go to the city pool and we have never had a chance to take them. We have tried to keep them busy this summer and not have the saying daily that they are bored.  We got to Bay Springs about 11 Saturday morning and stayed until around 3. We were blessed to be able to get a picnic table under a tree that gave us a good shade but i still managed to get burnt on my face. It was almost a perfect day to go. It has been so hot this summer but Saturday was actually really nice. The lake wasn't real crowded and we didn't have to deal with any major drama.  When we got there Rae and I walked out to the water to put our feet in and she wouldn't even walk in enough to get her ankles wet. What do you think she did when Aunt Barbara walk into the lake???? She walked right out there with her! I see who she loves the most. The kids had fun playing in the water, we had a great picnic lunch and the company was even better. We will definitely have to go back.