Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bay Springs

Saturday Phil, Brady, Rae and I loaded up and went to Bay Springs with Barbara, Bob, Emily and Adam. I haven't been to Bay Springs since I was at Northeast Junior College in 89 & 90. It's such a shame too because it is such a pretty place and is only 45 minutes away. The kids have begged all summer to go to the city pool and we have never had a chance to take them. We have tried to keep them busy this summer and not have the saying daily that they are bored.  We got to Bay Springs about 11 Saturday morning and stayed until around 3. We were blessed to be able to get a picnic table under a tree that gave us a good shade but i still managed to get burnt on my face. It was almost a perfect day to go. It has been so hot this summer but Saturday was actually really nice. The lake wasn't real crowded and we didn't have to deal with any major drama.  When we got there Rae and I walked out to the water to put our feet in and she wouldn't even walk in enough to get her ankles wet. What do you think she did when Aunt Barbara walk into the lake???? She walked right out there with her! I see who she loves the most. The kids had fun playing in the water, we had a great picnic lunch and the company was even better. We will definitely have to go back.


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