Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Church Camp II-Brady

Brady left Monday morning for church camp. This year they went to Shocco Springs in Taladaga Alabama. He was so excited Sunday night that we liked to have never got him to go to sleep. I'm sure by Monday night he was wore out. There were 11 kids that went this year. This was the first year since Brady has been going that they divided the grades out like they did. Last year the 2nd-6th all went to the camp at Central Hills, the one that Rae went to last week.  This year the 2nd-4th went to Central Hills and the 5th and 6th went to Shocco Springs. Late Monday afternoon Phil got a text from his cousin Ginger wanting to know if Brady was at Schocco Springs. She was there with her church and her kids and nephews. Brady was in their family group!  How neat is that. He goes to church camp 2 1/2 hours away, the longest he has ever been away from us and his family group leader is this cousin. It's neat how God works things out. It seems that Brady and his cousins, Caleb, Jason and Jared had already found each other before Ginger saw Brady. She's been sending us texts keeping us updated on all that is going on. She says that the boys are having a blast together. He will be home tomorrow and I can't wait. He has never been gone this long before. I'm glad that he went but I'll be glad when he gets home!

Always start a trip with a prayer!

Loading up!

The whole gang except for Abram who's hiding in the back seat.

Fearless Leaders!! Awesome Leaders! Plus Sarah. She's in the back with the kids.

And away they go.

I'm so thankful for church leaders who give their time to help our kids learn more about themselves and God!




I bet he's having a blast! I've heard it's beautiful there. Jima

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