Monday, June 20, 2011


Rae left this morning going to her first church camp. They went to Central Hills Baptist Retreat. She has kinda been back and forth about if she was actually gonna go or not. She has never spent two nights away from home before.  I told her several times that some of my funniest memories from when I was growing up was going to Camp Garaway in Clinton. We stayed a week at camp and I was always with some of my best friends from church. I told her about one year that I went, it was either my first or second year, that all I wanted that Friday when we came home was to see my mama. I had missed my mama so much that week.  When we finally got home that Friday do you think my mama was at home??? NO she was at the hospital having my brother! Back then (33 years ago) you stayed in the hospital for about a week and kids were not allowed in the rooms. After several days daddy finally snuck me up to the floor that mama was on and she came to the end of the hall to see me. That was one of the best hugs I had ever gotten.  I don't know that this story helped Rae any or not. 

We got her all packed up and ready to go.

Ready to go!!!

Rae and her buddy Mary Kirk

The four buddies. They are all gonna be cabin mates this week

Brady being goofy!! He says that he doesn't miss his sister but I think that he does.

All loaded up and ready to go.
Phil texted our youth leader that is on the trip with the kids and she said all was going well.  She said that Rae was happy and having fun in riflery. That's all we need is for Rae to learn how to shoot a gun!  It makes me feel better that she is having a good time because she was a little upset when they were pulling out of the church. I could see her threw the window and she was wiping her face like she does when she gets upset and doesn't want anyone to know. 

I made her a little blanket to take with her that is small enough that no one will see it unless she really wants them to. Every night before she goes to bed she and I sing "You are my Sunshine" to each other. A couple of weeks ago when she wasn't real sure if she was gonna go or not I decided to sew her this as a surprise. 

I think she like it!

I know she is having a great time but I miss my little girl. I'm ready for Wednesday to get here!




That made me cry. Aunt Eron used to sing that to me.

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