Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Happy Couple
 Sunday night we all gathered at Harrisburg to celebrate Tim's 12 year service recognition. Before he was at Harrisburg, he served at Vally Grove in Knoxville, TN. Now I like to think that Tim, Jima and the kids moved home because I was pregnant with Brady and they wanted to be closer to us BUT I guess the real reason was God was calling Tim to Harrisburg. I knew that Tim was a busy man at church, wearing many hats as Bro. Forrest called it Sunday night, but I don't think that I REALLY knew how busy he was. It was wonderful to hear all the great things that people were saying about him, things that I have known for close to 26 years. Jima said it was almost like he was getting to attend his funeral in person. Tim is a quiet, strong, dependable, funny, lovable, godly, awesome man and I am very proud to call him my brother (in law).  Congratulations Tim! We love ya!  Lots of pictures to follow!

Angela Cooper was in Tim's single group.

Jima and Connie Young

Jerilynn Billingsley sang a beautiful song.

Jim and Candace Brown

Derrick Young praying over the family.

Bro. Forrest Sheffield

Bro. Forrest presenting Tim with this plaque.

Tim's blessing table

Tim's sweet mother, Mrs. Ruth

Addie Grace had to get in on the action.

Sweet, sweet family

Bethany, Aunt Juanita and Mrs Ruth

Tim's brother Joseph.

I realized as I was uploading these pictures that I didn't get a picture of Tim's sister Dianna. Sorry Dianna.


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