Monday, September 26, 2011

House Divided

I don't really like that word but when it comes to football at our house that is what it is. Well actually it should be House Quartered. I am definetly out numbered when it comes to the favorite football team around here. I went to MS State. Phil went to Ole Miss. Brady and Rae are both on there daddy's side when it comes to who is there favorite team. Case in point....Saturday night we were watching the State/Lousiana Tech game. Phil was in the kitchen doing something and his iphone was beside me on the couch. State has just scored a touchdown and I was really wishing that I had a cowbell to ring. I didn't. So what did I do??? Grabbed his iphone and downloaded the MSU cowbell app! Needless to say I was not the favorite parent the rest of the night. Brady even hid his ipod so that I wouldn't download it on his. I had an enjoyable night walking around the house "ringing" my cowbell. It was really fun when MSU won in overtime...even if they did have to go into OT agains Louisiana Tech. It was a win and we will take it how ever we can get it.  At least we did win...that's more than I can say for the "other" team in the house. Did they even show up?


At least my sister and her family root for the right team. Way to go Alexanders!!!!



Your sister is really cute!! HA

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