Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

I love weekends when you have NOTHING that has to be done. Those are the best. That is exactly what our weekend was about. The only thing planned for the weekend was church on Sunday and a Easter Picnic with the Willis family Sunday afternoon. Saturday was a do nothing day and that is exactly what we did. I think my sister had more action at the nail salon than I did all day. She was about to go all Julia Sugarbaker on some women popping her gum. Now let me explain the Julia Sugarbaker reference. If you remember the show "Designing Women" then you will know who Julia Sugarbaker is. She was a true southern lady and could tell you off with a smile on her face and after it was all over with you just had to stop and think about what had just happened. Jima has this ability--always has. As she said the lady at the nail salon was an expert in gum popping. She had to leave and go by ear plugs!! I would have loved seeing Jima waiting to get her pedi with those big orange earplugs in. Raeanna actually remined me of myself at her age Saturday. When I was growing up I would not have been caught dead in the house on a Saturday. Especially one that was as great as this past Saturday. And if I was outside I was gonna be somewhere near mud. This is exactly what she did Saturday with a friend. It has rained so much here lately that everything is wet and muddy. She came to the back door minutes after I cleaned the window (as I was on the phone with Jima as she was telling me about gum lady) looking like this

Muddy muddy muddy

 I have to admit that I love that she did this. She spent the rest of the day riding bikes and playing out side with her friend Skye.
Brady is a different story. He does not like being outside. His allergies are so bad that I can't say that I blame him. He would rather be playing video games (which he gets a great workout playing them because he can not set still when he plays. There have been times that he actually works up a sweat), listening to his ipod or building legos. He loves legos and can come up with some of the neatest creations.

He has the best imagination!

One of his many battle planes.
His many warriors.

My wonderful husband is a great carpenter. He has a bad back so he is limited to what he can do but if he takes his time he can build just about anything. We have a wall in our dining room that was just calling for some attention. A couple of months ago he started working on building us a built in book shelf on that wall. I knew that he was a really good wood worker but he has outdone him self with this one.

Working hard!

We still have to paint and he still has to cut out the doors but I am so proud of him. It really looks great.
There's even room for his Star Trek video collection.

Sunday after an amazing Easter Service at Belden Baptist we headed to Veterans Park for out yearly Easter Picnic with our family. We have gotten so big that all of us in one house is getting hard to do. But it is wonderful when we can all be together. The only one that wasn't there was David and he was with his mom.
We had a good lunch and some great desserts. Then it was time to hunt eggs. The kids (and some of the big kids) had alot of fun looking for the eggs. Aunt Barbara always has a price egg and always hides it someplace "special". Last year it was under her hat. This year in her pocket until she handed it off to me and I drop it in with the drinks. It floated in there for a while until Heather finally looked down. She had been standing by it for a few minutes. 
2011 Family Picture

Papaw watching the kids getting ready to hunt eggs.

And they're off!!!!!

Where are the eggs???

Brady really enjoying the great outdoors.

I'll be glad when this pretty little thing is old enough to hunt easter eggs.

Hope your weekend was just as good!




I going to take the Julia Sugarbaker comment as a compliment! I love Julia :)
Love the family pic. So good!

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