Monday, May 21, 2012

I Ran

I ran today. I didn't run far and for a long time. BUT I RAN!  Brady has started walking with Rae and I and tonight after we had made the trek up the hill and as we started down I ran. Brady didn't like it that I was passing him so he did his best to stop me.  But I ran. Then I ran again. Again not for a long time or distance but I ran. And it didn't kill me. I didn't pass out and I really didn't get winded.  I believe that this running thing might turn in to something that I enjoy. 43 years old, overweight and I ran. The weight is slowly coming off. It seems that my body has finally realized what I have been doing for the past 5  months and said "Not any more". I have been hungrier lately than I normally have so I am trying to change what I am eating.  Hopefully it will help. I also have found that having friends also on the My Fitness Pal keeps me in check. Seeing them post  how they were under there calories for the day and how much weight they have lost since the last weigh in is very encouraging, especially when they are family.

I ran today. On a hot, humid, May night with two of the three most important people in my lives with me.

I RAN!!!


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