Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Band Brady

At the end of school last year Brady told us that they had tested all the 5th grade kids for the band. He tested really well and told us that he would like to join the 6th grade band. This came as a complete surprise because he had never showed any interest in music. He has a great voice when he sings, if you are lucky enough to hear him. So the band it was! He started out at the first of the year playing the trombone but at the Christmas break he told us that he wanted to change and start playing the Tuba. Whatever he wanted to play was fine with us as long as he was happy doing it. They had a couple of concerts this year, the first one before Christmas and they had one just a couple of weeks ago. This was his first concert to play in while playing the tuba and he did a GREAT job.

Don't they all look so happy!

He looks so thrilled to be there. He really enjoys the band but this picture sure doesn't show it.

This is the entire 6th grade band. There are more kids in this band than in the high school band.

Last weekend was the schools band banquet. When I was filling out the permission form for Brady to go I noticed that parents could come too. He begged us not to come. I guess it wouldn't be cool to be seen at the banquet with your parents! So I told him that this time we would not go. We had never had this experience before so we didn't know what the night would be like. We drop him off at school that night and notice that there are alot of other parents there with there kids staying for the banquet.  Phil nor I was dressed to go in or we would have stayed and gone even though he didn't want us to.  So after we dropped him off we went and ate supper and then visited with Papaw, Barbara, Bob and Adam until it was time to go get him.  We get to the school and they are not quite finished yet so we talk to some friends to ours as we waited. When the kids started coming out Phil walked to the door to get Brady and when they start toward the car Phil is holding something in his hand.

Can you read that??? Mooreville Middle School Band 6th Grade Most Outstanding!!! 

Can you believe it???? Out of the 60 kids in the 6th grade band Brady, My Brady got the MOST OUTSTANDING BAND STUDENT!!!! AND WE WERE NOT THERE TO SEE IT!!!!!arghhhhhhhh!
I felt like the worst parent in the world. They only gave out two awards to the 6th grade class and he got the best one!  I told him to forget ever going to another banquet by himself for the rest of his high school years. I am not missing out on another award.
My little band nerd!! I love him so much!

So very very very proud of you Brady!

They have their last concert this week. The Pop Concert is this Thursday night.


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