Saturday, March 24, 2012

Party, Party, Party

Rae's birthday is Feb 16. It is so hard to believe that she is already 9. There was just so much going on around her birthday that we were just now able to have her a party. But today was the perfect day to have a party. We started on short notice with the party. We didn't decide until this past Monday to have it today. I think that she had a good time. It was a small party but they all seemed to have fun.

That's what Brady thought about all these girls at the house.

I got this idea off of Pinterest. And it is a really cute idea BUT you need to make sure that you have stickers that are big enough. These were the right height but they were not thick enough. They would not stick to the canvas! So the girls ended up using a paint pen and sharpies to write their name on the canvas. I guess next time I need to try the project before I do it at a party.

Pretty birthday girl with her tie dyed cupcakes with tie dyed icing. Her daddy loves her. He had never done this before but he did an awesome job on them.


She is in deep thought!

There's that pretty smile!

Grace, Mallory, Rae, Jennifer, Rachel and Eliza

Silly Silly

Brady wanted in the picture.

And another one

Great group of young ladies!


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