Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lazy Saturday

I love love love not having anything to do on a Saturday. Every Saturday since early December we have had a basketball game to go to. Rae's season came to an end in February. The very next Saturday we had the AWANA games in Southaven. Then last Saturday when I had the opportunity to sleep as late as I wanted what time did I wake up????? 7:30!

We found an old Nintendo system that we had and  Phil and Brady played some of the old games for awhile.  Rae was watching a movie in her room until she figured out what was going on in the living room and then decided she wanted to play also. 

I walked into Rae's room while she was watching her movie and tried to get some pictures.

I had taken her lamp shade and tried to "fix" it.  Originally it was pink and white. She decided at some point that she wanted to write on it. I tried to cover it up with orange paint but when you turned the lamp on you could still see the words under the paint. So I had saw online where someone had made a ruffled lamp shade (wish I could remember where and I would link to it but they are all over Pinterest). It was pretty cute until the shade pulled off of its frame.  I was in Dirt Cheap last week and found a lamp shade for $2. It was a little big for her lamp but for $2 who cares! So I turned a plain white lamp shade into a pretty (at least in my opinion) ruffled lamp shade.

Even Lola had a lazy Saturday!

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say REJOICE!!!


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