Monday, August 1, 2011

Son Seekers National Vacation

Every summer at Belden our kids do some sort of musical. And every summer the muscial always out does the one before. I think that the kids music group will have a really hard time topping this summers musical. Speaking of the musical group, we have the best. Jessica, Becky, Barbara, Michelle, Christy and Bro Kelly always do a fabulous job with the kids.

This summer they did the "Son Seekers National Vacation" and it was awesome. Rae had been talking about how they were gonna have to dress up like hippies and dance and how she didn't want to wear baggy pants. I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about. I knew that they were all getting tie dyed shirts, wearing bandannas and gonna dance. She kept telling me that she needed to come up with a good ending pose but of course all the ones that I gave her she didn't like. I don't know why--I'm such a good dancer!  Getting information out of Brady is like making money grow on a tree. Ain't gonna happen. He is just at the age to where he is too big to be with the little kids and not quite old enough for the youth yet. From looking at the group of kids last night the girls out number the boys by a long shot. I believe that even Brady had a good time last night. It was a really good program and I am so proud both my kids and of the whole group.

We even had a special appearance by the Blues Brothers!! I think that this set of brothers were much more talented than the originals.  This was Brady's last time to be apart of this group of kids. Next summer he will go up to the youth department. That is so hard to believe.  He is thrilled that he will be with them. Momma ain't so sure.

Doesn't he look so thrilled? I promise he had a good time.

These were Rae's  bell bottoms. Ms.Lavonna made every one of them. I think they said she made 50 pairs. They were so cute. I was hoping that we would get to keep them but we had to turn them in. Oh well, maybe they will get to wear them again.

I told ya the Blues Brothers showed up!

This was part of Rae's dance that she has been practicing. They all did a great job.

I love this look on his face!!

Isn't that a great lookin bunch of kids!!!  
I can't wait until next summer to see what they will do!



Cute outfits (I want one!)and I love the first picture!

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